Climate and Fruit Trees

In the right climate conditions, growing fruit trees can be a very satisfying hobby. Fruit trees do not grow quickly and it may even take many years before you ever see fruit. If you choose to get a head start on the process you may be able to buy trees in more mature stages at … Continue reading Climate and Fruit Trees

Transplanting Seedlings

So you’ve carefully planned a couple of gardens for your yard selecting flower seeds, vegetable seeds and garden accessories from free seed catalogs and the nursery down the road. You’ve carefully and skilfully started your flower and vegetable seeds to produce small leaves and the seedlings have been hardened off (prepared for their stay outdoors), … Continue reading Transplanting Seedlings

Tree Planting

Tree planting is more than digging a hole and sticking a tree in it. The hole itself is even important and the things you add to the hole can make the difference between a thriving tree and a weak one that does not grow well. Tree planting of very young trees is not as tricky … Continue reading Tree Planting